Universal Adapter meets Kyo

(C)2018 by Heinz-Jörg Wurzbacher („Electrical Movements in the Dark(EMD)“)

Patrick Rochon has developped a fantastic new light blade tool called „Kyo“ (www.liteblades.com). He says “Now you attach one or two blades to your Klarus torch.“ Klarus torch? Hmmm, they have really good torches, but Patrick offers his Kyo-tool only with an adapter for the Klarus ones (XT11, XT11GT, XT11S, XT12, XT12S and RS11). Do we have to buy some more (Klarus) torches to use the Kyo?

On the other side there is Jason Page’s “Universal Adapter“ (https://lightpaintingbrushes.com), where you can put in almost every torch with a head diameter less than 32mm. Is it possible to combine the Kyo with the Universal Adapter? Of course....

The Kyo has three main parts – the upper one for the blade(s), the lower one for fitting the Klarus torch and the adapter ring for the torch bezel.

When you remove the four screws with the tool set of the Kyo, you will get the adapter ring for the Klarus torches.

The tool set of the Kyo

So you can easily remove the adapter ring. There are three more screws on the lower part of the Kyo – they are used for fitting the Klarus ring to the Kyo.

Now it is time for the Universal Adapter – the principle of the adapter is very simple but effectiv. You put the adapter on a kind of connector to the light tools made by Jason Page. Take a closer look at the connector. Jason uses the same type of connector on his several tools (earlier versions had a hexagonal ring).

All you have to get is the connector – the size is “25/32x3/4“. It is a male connector for garden irrigation tubes. Now you can put the connector into the lower part of the Kyo and use the three screws for fixing.

Now nearly all is done and you can put your blades into the Kyo. By the way, Patrick’s blades are rounded at the bottom so you can fix them with different angles in the Kyo.

So it is not necessary to buy a bunch of Klarus torches to use the fantastic Kyo – you can save the money to buy some more Kyos, Liteblades and Universal Adapters instead spending the money for new torches! Patrick Rochon has a lot of wonderful new blades…

By the way – you know that you can use the connector also for many other lightpainting tools … Be creative!